Grow Your Business With Your Leaders Press ROI Team


Enter your current sales metrics to estimate ROI when partnering with your Leaders Press ROI Team

Think of your numbers:

How Your Potential Revenue is Calculated

10 calls x 20% x $10k x 12/1 month – the lag

Well, assuming you need 10 extra qualified closer calls per month, your average conversion rate is 20%, your average sale is $10k and your average sales cycle is one month,  you will make an extra $220,000 a year (or $2.2 million in 10 years) when you partner with the Leaders Press ROI Team.

So what’s your investment?

$2k service fee, which includes:

System Installation: We are installing the exact system that enabled us to achieve seven-figure growth.

Implementation Team: Two dedicated team members are overseeing the implementation of our proven system.

Lead Generation: We will be creating a curated list of pre-qualified leads on a weekly basis.

Outbound Outreach: You can expect customized and tested scripts for outbound outreach.

Conversion Tracking: We will provide comprehensive conversion tracking and analytics.

LinkedIn Engagement: Our team will handle LinkedIn invites and messaging.

Appointment Booking: We will manage appointment booking and setter calls for you.

Follow-up Strategies: Utilize follow-up scripts and best practices to close no-show and rescheduled appointments.

Reporting and Meetings: Weekly reporting and meetings will be available as requested.

Lead Engagement: We will maintain 5 to 7 touch points with leads.

No Ad Spend Required: This strategy does not require any ad spend.

Your success is our success, therefore we only charge when we book a qualified lead directly on your calendar, that meets the following criteria:

> Is familiar with your offer, pricing

> Wants to continue the conversation

> Has indicated they have the funds

The per booked call fee is $250 per qualified lead that has already had a conversation with our team.