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What are you looking to achieve?


Virtual professionals work remotely, meaning you don’t have to pay for office space, equipment, or other costly overhead expenses. Plus, they often charge lower hourly rates than traditional in-house employees.


Delegate time-consuming tasks such as data entry, email management, and appointment scheduling to a virtual team and free up your time to focus on higher-level tasks that require your expertise. Scale your workforce up as needed.


Streamline your business operations, and focus on revenue-generating activities. Delegate tasks such as customer service, administrative duties, and social media management to virtual professionals, and focus on growing your business.

Why hire with VIP Talent Hub?

While you will often start looking at virtual market places and standard staffing companies to make your first hire (you can find this list in our book Hire, Scale, Thrive here), you will quickly discover that these team members rarely last.


For the simple reason that there was no true match made between you and your team member in the first place.

So who do we make sure your Virtual Professional will be right for you?

We’re the only online staffing company that uses the Kolbe Index in order to match you with your team member.

Before you get presented with a pool of candidates you will go through a Kolbe assessment, which will then be used to present you with candidates that have also taken the Kolbe and are the best match for you.

That’s how you can be sure that your time spent on finding the right person will result in a long-term, effective relationship as opposed to getting into the vicious cycle of trying to hire the cheapest person who is not committed and will leave you immediately after you’ve spent time, money and energy onboarding them.

Don’t waste your precious resources, get the right person for the tasks you need done now!