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Your Investment

If you choose to pay in installments, your investment will be paid over 12 months, starting with the first payment due when you have officially selected your Virtual Talent. You can get a 10% discount if you pay in full now.

Placement Fee: $1000

This is an initial payment prior to starting the talent acquisition process. The Fee covers the following:

  • Immediate supervisor’s Kolbe C
  • Kolbe Hiring Profile
  • 5 candidates with Kolbe A 

VIP Talent Packages

  • Monthly Package (Part Time): $1,000
  • Monthly Package (Full Time): $1,900
  • Annual Package (Full Time): $22,800 $20,900 (1 month free)

Customized Team Packages are also available


In the event that your virtual team mate leaves within 3 mos, we will replace the talent and waive the placement fee. At the same time, if you feel that it is not working out with the talent assigned to your team, you may let us know at any point within the first 3 months so we can find a substitute

Entrepreneurs’ Insights on Filipino Professionals and Kolbe

Before I found out about Kolbe, we’ve often hired people who seemed to be a great fit for the job but after a while it turned out that they weren’t. They didn’t get along with the team, they didn’t fit after all.  In other words, all that time, energy and money spent hiring and training them was lost. But then that stopped happening since we started using Kolbe. Unlike any other assessments you’ve taken, Kolbe Indexes help you understand how you naturally approach tasks and work. It’s not a personality test, and it doesn’t tell you how smart you are. You get immediately actionable advice to grow a team and be more productive with less pain. After working with the Kolbe System™, you’ll be able to empower people to be at their best when you need them the most. Team members working with me that have been assessed with Kolbe are the most productive, loyal and happy employees I’ve had.

Alinka Rutkowska, CEO of Leaders Press

It’s incredible how talented, hard-working and dedicated Filipino employees can be. I’ve worked with a number of virtual professionals from all over the world but when you start looking at the financials and return on investment, freelancers from the Philippines are unbeatable. The trick is in finding the right match. Since you will invest your most valuable asset, which is your time, to train your virtual team members, you need to maximize your chances of making the right hiring decision. I’ve experienced high turnover in the past and it’s never good for business. Knowing that a candidate has gone through a Kolbe Index to be a perfect match to my working style gives me peace of mind and guarantees uninterrupted exceptional service for myself and my clients.

Rick Orford, co-founder of Randa Media